If your are a solo UI/ UI rockstar you are all set, the content of this website is free to use. If you are a company and have a need for my icons you have one more step to do to get the source files. Here's what's what.

Individual, single seat usage. 

What you can do with downloadable content from this website :
  • use it commercial and personal projects;
  • use it as many times as you want;
  • use it for yourself or on behalf of your client;
  • include it in presentations, wireframes, videos and on websites (as part of the design)
  • modify it to your needs as long as you state the source of the original files either in the documentation, footnotes or legal disclaimers on website it's used on. 
What you can not do with downloadable content from this website :
  • include it as a part of your UX/ UI resources (e.g. icon packs, UX courses, UI courses).
  • re-distribute it in any way (including reselling, transferring to client with project source files )
  • include it as usable part of themes, templates, game skins; 
  • use it in applications or games as a part of the user interface or usable asset.
  • attribute authorship to yourself even after modifications. 

Multi seat usage

If you need my icons and other downloadable content to be used by your employees (more than 1 seat) you need to buy the Multi seat Licence. Contact me for more details: 

Content redistribution 

If you want to include downloadable content from this page in your icon pack, UX or UI course as a downloadable asset you need to buy the Content Redistribution Licence. This licence will allow you also to use icons as a part of the UI in your applications, both desktop/browser and mobile. Contact me for more details: